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we are broken people
just trying to make it on our own
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30th-Oct-2012 04:13 pm - [sticky post] general info
Name: Victor Edward Silsbury
Age: 30
Birthdate: October 18th
Nationality: English
Place of Birth: Cubley, South Yorkshire, England
Sexual Orientation: Panesxual, (open to monogamy and polyamory)
Relationship Status: 'Single' (status varies in different verses but defaults to single)
Verses: Coming soon.

Height: 6'3”
Weight: 170 lbs
Race: Caucasian
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Distinguishing Features: His torso is latticed with scars from numerous indicants and missions.

Parents: Harold Silsbury, Martha (nee White) Silsbury
Siblings: James Silsbury, little brother, born after Victor was taken by the Agency.
Other: Sarah Jenkins (daughter, unknown to Victor)

HMD/Contact (coming soon)
CR Chart (coming soon)
22nd-Nov-2012 02:43 pm - master meme list

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20th-Nov-2012 07:22 pm - character relationships
Alice/meldsyourmind One of the least complicated relationships he has, Victor met Alice Murphy when he just became a junior agent and she was taken in by the Agency after a major incident with her powers. Alice was one of the first 'younger generation' of meta-humans Victor had met and quickly attached himself as a big brother figure of sorts to her. While he didn't have much pull officially at the time, he had enough to make sure her life was easier than his. He knows she's more powerful than he, and he knows she's probably got a better head on her shoulders than he, but he has few qualms about making it known he won't tolerate anyone harassing her, Suit or Agent. While he hasn't admitted to it, he recognizes her existence in his life has helped him retain a sense of ethics.
verses with: default

Aubrey/ofthefolk: Complicated only suggests a little of his relationship to Aubrey Filimor. It began nearly ten years ago, when Victor went to Hungary and found himself dealing with a threat several pay level grades above him lead by Mr. Filimor. The first four years was exchanges of cat and mouse games with both parties injuring the other though it never became too personal. A truce was signed between the Agency and the Schwarzwald Court. Mr. Silsbury and Mr. Filimor began to work together, it became physical relationship that grew into a friendship with benefits. It's only recently that intensifying feelings between them are making the relationship even more complex. Victor is finding himself more and more loyal to Aubrey, but he's uncertain of what could result from this. Sex is one thing. Feelings are something else entirely. Loyalty is the only l-word he'll admit to.
verses with: default, future!verse, bizzaro!verse

Jacqueline:inyourgirlshoes a young woman he met at a bar. They built a strange rapport and he felt there was something different about this sweet young woman. He ended up being a touch over protective at the bar they met and uncharacteristically sweet. They're slowly becoming friends and she knows of his powers. Victor knows that Jacqueline is very depressed and is currently quite worried about her. What he doesn't know at the moment that she's transgendered, which may or may not come up sooner or later. He's becoming awfully fond of her - regardless what's on the outside.
verses with: default

katnisp/Katniss = [Hunger Games (Some years Post Mockingjay) /AU!verse] A much darker verse than Victor's 'canon'. Born inside one of the Districts, Victor was taken up by the 'American' branch of the Jon Dee Agency and smuggled away where he was taught to use his powers more ruthlessly and has less regard how he uses his powers. The Agency's goal is to bring down Panem and bring it back to the international community, and they're not quite pleased to find very little will change externally with the new Panem government. They've decided to use the Mockingjay once more. Victor's goal is to take care and charm Katniss into being an pawn once more. He does admire her to a large extent and may feel conflicted of what he promised his Agency because of this. [In-progress.]
verses with: post-hg verse
The woman frowns as she stares up at the building before her. She noticed the two figures staring at her and one... wasn't human. Not human at all. But perhaps they could tell her what was going on.

The hag shuffled to them, appearance bewildered, frustrated, and an ancient rage that was in sharp contrast to the sadness in her body language.

"Where am I?" She asks them. "Where?"
21st-Oct-2012 06:42 pm - ooc/ic permissions
Threadhopping with this character?: Yes

Backtagging with this character?: Yes

Hugging this character?: While you have OOC permission, Victor gets wary with touching that he doesn't instigate. When CR is established he will be less tense.

Giving this character a kiss?: While he enjoys being kissed and kissing, Victor will question if the kiss is genuine or if his powers instigated it. Like with hugging with people he's just met, he feels safer if he's the one who makes the first move.

(Something more intimate?): Victor, due to his powers, will often turn down intimacy with people he doesn't know at all. Not to say he is a prude, he often seduces and charms for the greater good, but he doesn't enjoy the idea of his powers passively suggeting intimacy with 'civilians'.

(Relationships?): The mun is open though Victor is currently single and prefers this.

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): If he deserves it, punch away. He can be a dick.

(Injury?): Injuries can happen, however if the injury carries over to interaction with other muses is up to me. However if he interacts with your muse again after being injured, he should still be injured for the most part.

(Death?): Only in memes.

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character? Victor is a pheromone controller. He can make a person agitated, heighten arousal, make a person dizzy, become very suggestible to his commands, or very nauseated. It all depends on his focus and the concentration given. His pheromones are released passively and the default has become making those in his vicinity attracted to him and thus making him entirely approachable. While it does help that he is an attractive man, Victor is uncomfortable with this attention because he's not sure how much free will is behind those actions. As such he's very prickly to counteract these reactions.

Anything else, please mention here:
- Victor's powers work on all humans (including mutants) and part humans. Paranormal creatures and aliens are not affected by his powers. He is also very resistant to mind control via telepathy or magical means.
- Victor's powers don't work like mind control.
- Professionally, Victor is bisexual. Gender doesn't matter when manipulating or seducing information out of others.
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