we are broken people

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Agent Victor Silsbury
18 October 1982
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Victor Silsbury was born to a regular family, to a regular town, in a regular life. However, before he was even a pre-teen, he was discovered by a paranormal Agency that he was a meta-human that could manipulate pheromones. They whisked him away to help master his powers.

But mistakes were made. Victor's involvement with the paranormal agency turned him to a man with a strong sense of loyalty but made him emotionally broken. Still, he is an Agent, and among the best of his agency. Skilled in espionage and occult training, Victor often deals with those who wish to abuse the occult powers or wild fae that wish to disrupt a balance between the mundane and paranormal worlds or to abuse the recent involvement with alien species. Despite his control tendencies, his self loathing, he cares for the common good and humanity more than he realizes.

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Victor Silsbury is an OC. PB is James D'Arcy. Muse, PB, and Mun are +18